Things I’m Learning from Watching YouTube Painting Lessons

YouTube has lots of instructional art videos and now that they have an autoplay feature I’ve been seeing more than I ever thought possible. Many of these tips I’m learning from the videos although some I’ve learned from simple trial and error (mostly error):

  • Use a minimal sketch. The first impulse is to draw a very detailed sketch, but what works better is draw very basic outlines.
  • Use a soft lead pencil. Some pencil lines are okay, but mainly you want paint to be the stand out.
  • Use a minimal palette. Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, etc.
  • Spend extra on good brushes.
  • Same goes for good paper.
  • Use leftover mixed color for a prewash.
  • Use Payne Grey for deep woodsy trees and foliage.
  • Use the side of your brush for good tree effects.
  • Build from light to dark.
  • Keep an opaque white handy as cure for over-painting and highlights.

Posted by Trish

Tricia Harvey is an awesome, funny, left leaning (but not dogmatic), artsy-fartsy, graphic designing, intellectually curious, outdoor loving chick. Orginally harkening from the ice and snow of Canada, she now lives in the north of Virginia.

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