On Perception

There’s a popular axiom that goes, “Perception is reality.” Mostly this is used a superior in the workplace whose is giving you shit for being seen doing something out of the ordinary by someone even more superior and that they’ve perceived as wasting time.

For me it was drawing. I am a graphic designer and I often draw to flesh out ideas and find solutions to problems, but someone saw me drawing and due to their poor schooling thought drawing was a waste of time. I was told to stop.

A quote from a self-help book states that “just because you think it doesn’t make it true.” Perception is not reality, it’s someone’s brain using what it know it knows to understand that world around it. Often its wrong. In fact the axiom itself confirms this otherwise why would we need to proclaim it’s reality–reality is reality and nothing else. At least that’s my perception.

Posted by Trish

Tricia Harvey is an awesome, funny, left leaning (but not dogmatic), artsy-fartsy, graphic designing, intellectually curious, outdoor loving chick. Orginally harkening from the ice and snow of Canada, she now lives in the north of Virginia.

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