Film Cameras

Once upon a time I was married and then one day he left me. I think he tried to be kind, but what is kindness when you love someone and he leaves you for someone else? When I moved out of the house we shared he told me that I could leave some things at his house at retrieve them later.

I left three cameras with him, 1) Pentax k-1000 – This was my first ‘real’ camera, it cost $200 at Sears in the Garden City Mall in Winnipeg. 2) Canon EOS 10s – I bought this for school. It was a completely automatic hog of a camera. My professor was right when he said I should have bought something more artsy. 3) Mamiya Twin Lens Reflex – Boy do I love twin lens reflex cameras. To me they are beauty itself. The Mamiya is not quite a Rolliflex, but it’s not bad.

Later turned out to be later than even I imagined and three years on I asked for my cameras back. We didn’t part on good terms so it took me a long time to even try and contact him. I haven’t heard back and maybe I won’t.

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Tricia Harvey is an awesome, funny, left leaning (but not dogmatic), artsy-fartsy, graphic designing, intellectually curious, outdoor loving chick. Orginally harkening from the ice and snow of Canada, she now lives in the north of Virginia.

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